AshleyRose is the author of two trilogies released by Seventh Star Press. Awesome Jones was released in 2014 and Silver Tongue in 2015. She has also written numerous short stories and comics which are available online.


Short Stories:

Fish Bowl, a story from the world of Awesome Jones from Scape YA Zine.

Dust swirled around that world. Around all the world he knew. But inside his tank, his fingertips pressed against the glass, he could not fathom it.

Divergent Plate Boundary, Monkey Bicycle.Tall Man and his wife lived at the base of the volcano. The volcano’s name was Aiiw. Aiiw had long been sleeping.

How To Make A Stunt Man, an experimental short was published by Medulla Review and adapted and produced as a musical by Tommy Trull.He fell three stories and landed on two mattresses. The ground came at him slowly. Like falling through warm water. The smell of the orange groves, the tartness of rinds. The smells he’d meant to escape—the tastes he couldn’t forget. Had she ever seen him in the pictures? Ever seen the man he became.

Out Of Sorts, Word Riot.I’m not sure why I started running, not even sure when. I just know that one morning, on a belly full of warm yolk and dry toast, I filled the tank of my car and never looked back.

In Cappadocia, Alt Hist Magazine. AshleyRose was interviewed by editor Mark Lord and the issue was reviewed by SF Crow’s Nest.We have arrived in Cappadocia and we see nothing but dry hills. The people there are hidden, the general said. Dark and invisible against the night—they blur into the caves.

Displays Of Aquatic Escape Behavior, Wig Leaf Magazine.When you died, I took Ellie to Borneo with me. I left your ashes in the garden.

Micro stories about super heroes and fairy tales from Trapeze Magazine.